Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Popcorn and Pajamas at FFS

Our Women's Ministry Team has been hostessing a social once a month. Until now, I haven't even thought to post about it.  But since I am trying to get better at all things pertaining to blog posting...I will attempt to record the fun that we have each month.

Since the DVD for 'Mom's Night Out' recently released, we decided to gather for movie night in our comfy pajamas and pass the bucket of popcorn.

Aren't these invitations the cutest things?
And they make me want to go pop a bag of popcorn right now!

This was the first draft.  The final invitation was even cuter...but you get the gist of what we were going for.  

One of our ladies offered to host us in her home for the evening.  We prepared a popcorn bar with M&M's, Resse's Pieces and honey roasted peanuts for add-ins, along with differing flavors of popcorn salt.  Of course what would a movie night be without movie theater candy to choose from as well.  And just to bring some balance to the night, a large Fiesta Salad for dinner.

Due to a last minute addition to our calendar (the 40th birthday party of a friend), I didn't get to attend.  But from the picture that they sent me Saturday night, I would say they had a good time.
Our beautiful ladies posing for a text message to me.
I love, love, LOVE seeing all the young women in that group.  Sometimes it is hard to find an activity that all ages will appreciate.  I heard that there was lots of laughter too.

I joked with them on Sunday morning that we seem to have a larger turn out when I have to miss the party!  Next month....well, you will have to come back to find out!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

His Kind of Party

Due to an unforeseen stomach virus hitting our house weekend before last...we had to reschedule Will's birthday lunch with the family to this past Sunday.  It was a great, sunny afternoon.  Nearly the whole family made it.  (Josh is currently offshore, so we don't count it against him since he doesn't have his own personal helicopter.  LOL!)  The guys gathered on the back deck to fry fish, French fries and boudin balls while watching the playoff games. (Jim is loving that Joey from Dish that allows him to watch television anywhere!) Us girls met in the kitchen as I cooked up a big batch of seafood gumbo with French bread and coleslaw.  Brian and Deborah even made it in for the day.

Happy 20th birthday Will!

William and Taylor
Hope you had a great birthday lunch, Will!  We love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pest In Peace, Pib

While we were moving in back in late November, I walked out on the back porch to find our 18+ year old Chinese pug curled up in a galvanized tub with silk flowers. He looked so cute that I went back inside to get my phone and snap this picture.

A little over two weeks ago he disappeared.

We assume that after surviving being run over twice and mauled by a pack of dogs, old age got to him. He had arthritis, could barely see or hear...but come feeding time, he was as spry as the puppies.

We will all cherish many fond memories of our Pug In Black.

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